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Brynnly Bosworth

Founder of WUAP

     Wish Upon a Party started with a desire to take the magic from the pages of a story to the lives of children who could make those stories their own.  
I received my bachelor's degree in Child Life. In my studies, I learned extensively about the effects of hospitalization, trauma, and illness on a child's development. From the beginning we have 
particularly endeavored to brighten the stories of children challenged by illness or other difficulties and help to lessen these effects. Our motto is, "We believe in wishes coming true and the power magic has to bring healing and hope." As such, we have participated in many charitable and community events and are commited to continuing to fullfill this mission.
All of our cast and crew love what they do. We have found that only the most caring, talented, and professional cast can bring the stories (and your party) to life. We believe the greatest magic comes from the smiles of children, their friends, and families.  
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